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SoundCloud, Bandcamp or ReverbNation…

Posted by in articles | May 13, 2014

With so many platforms out there these days (facebook pages, bandcamp, reverbnation etc…), I’ve been finding it hard to decide what the best one would be for my electric trio, Mindset. I have a personal website and Facebook page, and am not interested in creating more work for myself by managing a separate site etc.. […]


5 ways to create a successful Kickstarter project for music

Posted by in articles | March 48, 2012

It has now been a year since I started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for my second album, Emuna. Im very grateful that the campaign was successful, raising over  $5700  from 103 backers, and the album is finished and ready. With this said, it  was definitely not easy to reach our goal, and without a ton […]

tips on how to practice

Practice your instrument – How to organize and focus your practice sessions?

Posted by in articles | September 39, 2011

All musicians know that practice is essential for improving and mastering their instrument. Practice is our time to perfect playing without any distractions. When we finally do sit down to practice though, how do we utilize our time? What constitutes a “good” practice session? What do we work on and for how long?