New App: Introducing kids to improvisation

Posted by in articles | October 20, 2019
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A few years ago, I had an idea for a story about a quirky, out of the box thinking kid who likes to do things in his own original way. He loves to play music, dance, build, bake and paint, but puts a personal stamp on everything he does. When he hears distant sounds of jazz music coming from the park, his mom takes him there to listen and he learns a new word from the musicians, IMPROVISATION. He quickly realizes that he has been an improviser all along ; )

I was hoping a story like this would help to encourage a sense of creativity and improvisation in people from an early age. It’s such an important skill to have, regardless of what you do in life. I could go on and on here about how crucial improvisation is but I think you would agree, right??

Today, I’m super excited to officially release a story app called “ Look, I’m Making it Up!” featuring interactive educational games and amazing artwork by Rona Mor.

Dana Morgan of The Melody Book is the creator of this app. She made it all happen, and I couldn’t be more proud of my hard working, smart and talented wife.

Friends, parents, musicians, artists, teachers, homeschoolers and life lovers, PLEASE check out this creation and let us know your thoughts. I really hope you enjoy and drop us a written review!! Much love.

Download Look, I’m Making it Up!