SoundCloud, Bandcamp or ReverbNation…

Posted by in articles | May 13, 2015

With so many platforms out there these days (facebook pages, bandcamp, reverbnation etc…), I’ve been finding it hard to decide what the best

one would be for my electric trio, Mindset. I have a personal website and Facebook page, and am not interested in creating more work for myself by managing a separate site etc.. So what I really need is a good, user friendly, great looking music page that works well with all other platforms.

At first I thought of bandcamp since I really like their look. But I quickly learned that it’s a pain to post shows on their page. I then checked out Reverbnation, which looked great but seemed to be a time consumer in terms of content and options. I finally checked out SoundCloud and although I’m not the biggest fan of their current look, I found that there’s such  huge amount of people using this platform that I felt like we should be a part of this.

Moreover, SoundCloud is super easy to upload tracks. It’s a great site to find live versions, alternate takes and other bootlegs of different artists. This is exactly was I was looking to do with Mindset, upload music as we make it, rather than upload only the tracks from the recorded and produced albums. So far, SoundCloud seems like the right fit. I hope it is, cause who wants to start working with another platform, again…

Check it out, here it is, please follow! Daniel Ori’s Mindset on SoundCloud